We women are busy. Busy trying hard. Busy working to do things right.


We go to Bible studies. We participate in small groups. We read books about God and note ways we need to change to become more like the women God designed us to be.

And we’re still tired. And we’re still searching. And we’re still missing something . . . but we’re not sure what it is.

What would it be like if, for a few moments, we slowed? What would it be like if we paused, to be refreshed, and breathe?

What would it be like if we heard words, just for us, encouraging us on, reminding us what is most true, about our identities, about our life, about God?

Would life be different then? Would we be different?

Can you imagine?

Read Loop.

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Jennifer Camp, author of Loop


Jennifer knows what it means to struggle to slow, struggle to lay down control, struggle to believe her God-given identity is hers to claim, and nothing else. When our modern world’s fast-paced, achievement-driven culture brought her to her knees less than a decade ago, she finally began to quiet and spend time talking to God. She prayed, and she listened. The more time she spent with Him, the more she wanted to be with Him and listen to what He had to say. Soon, she began writing down what she heard Him speak to her heart.

Loop devotionals are the words Jennifer hears when she simply asks God, “What do you have to say to your girls?” While they are prophetic words, they are different than Scripture, of course. They are not inspired in the way Scripture was inspired. That said, the words of Loop always bring Jennifer (and many, many other women) closer to God. She hopes they bring you closer, too.

Jennifer is co-founder of Gather Ministries, with her husband, Justin, and lives in the California Bay Area with their three crazy kids. She leads women’s ministry groups, writes at her blog, YouareMygirls.com, and is a contributing writer
at iBelieve.com.


“You here, reading this now? . . . I hope you stick around and subscribe to Loop. I think this is something you’re supposed to hear.” — Jennifer

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