Want a solid 
Christian Devotional 
purpose-built for Men?

We need to be connected with God.  We need His truth in our lives.

But there’s tension. We're busy. Our days are filledwork, meetings, calls, social activities. We know the power of living with God; our busyness makes it hard. And so, we live too much of our lives disconnected.

Hearing a sermon on Sunday is necessary . . . but it's not enough. We men need new, purpose-built ways of bringing Biblical truth into Monday-thru-Saturday too.

WiRE is one of those ways.

WiRE is a FREE email devotional, written specifically for men. It's important to note, the WiRE readings do not come out on a daily basis . . . and that's by design. Daily devotions can be great—but this is not that. For a lot of us men, those kinds of devotions tend to build up in our inboxes . . . unread. I mean, given our busy schedules, devotions that come out daily are often just too difficult to keep-up-with. Therefore, by design, WiRE comes out only twice-a-week—on Monday and Thursday mornings. This is a realistic cadence and one that fits our lifestyles.

And that's not allno WiRE is ever more than 300 words. These readings are short. They're succinct.  But they're punchy too—packed with relevant Bible-based truth. You can read each one in under a minute—standing in line at the coffee shop, or sitting on an airplane waiting to take-off, or wherever. But that's one important minute. It's one you can give completely over to God. It is, therefore, one minute that can impact all the other minutes of your work week. It's one that can change your life.


So, WiRE is . . .

SUCCINCT, PRACTICAL: you can fit WiRE in, even on your busiest workdays

ROOTED IN THE BIBLE: you’ll bring Biblical truth into more areas of your life

WRITTEN FOR MEN: you’ll get relevant, focused readings on issues MEN face

TWO PER WEEK: you’ll get 2 readings each week: one Monday, one Thursday


So give WiRE a try. It's already impacted thousands and thousands of men. Click the link below to take a look at more amazing testimonials:

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We also took one year's worth of the WiRE devotionals and put them into an ebook—which has 5-stars and immediately became a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Men's Christian Living:

If you're interested, here's a sneak peek at a couple of the WiRE devotions. They'll give you a sense for what's in store, if you subscribe:

And there's more to come . . .

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