Think Different; Break Free From the Culture Hell-bent on Holding You Back

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“This book is a blueprint for how to discover our God-given identities and engage life with energy and courage.”

—Eric Metaxas #1 New York Times bestselling author of Bonhoeffer, Nationally-syndicated radio host of the Eric Metaxas Show

The universe’s Inventor designed us like he did the world: with passion and precision and purpose. He made us for confidence and significance, joy and relationship. He made us to be part of something massive and majestic―to contribute to his work of remaking this world and to play vital parts in his Kingdom. But we have a vicious enemy, hell-bent on thwarting us. Our enemy spins lies that convince us into distraction and dependence―on alcohol, drugs, pornography, success-at-all-cost.

But Jesus said, “I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.” (MSG, John 10:10) He said that about us.

Invention is an invitation to join a band of renegades and revolutionaries, change-makers and troublemakers―men who won’t be daunted, because they know there is more. It’s a guide for living, finally, with depth and purpose. It will expose the lies that obscure God’s intent, and will help reveal His design for your life.

There is so much more. Come and see.


Breathing Eden

Conversations with God on Light, Fresh Air, and New Things

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“Let this tender, powerful book breathe life into you. You will be encouraged in your journey towards a deeper understanding of God’s loving presence. Oh, how we all need that!”

—Stasi Eldredge, New York Times bestselling author

Breathing Eden invites readers to listen to forty raw, honest, heartbreaking, and encouraging conversations between women and God, and to hear him whisper hope and peace in response.

What must it have been like, walking in the garden, talking with God? What would it be like to share our troubles and joys openly with him, to breathe the fresh garden air, to see the light shining through the trees? What would it be like to hear his voice responding to our questions? How might knowing God’s view on our stories heal our wounds and renew our hope?

No matter our circumstances, we all need God’s perspective on our lives. We need to know how he sees us. Come on, girl, he says. Let my light shine in.

Breathing Eden is forty raw, honest, heartbreaking and encouraging conversations between women and God. These prayers are like our own: full of pain, celebration, anxiety, and joy. Each one helps the reader hear God whisper love and hope into their lives. And after each story, Jennifer offers readers a guided invitation to listen for what God is saying to them.

In these pages, readers will find hope and fresh perspectives. It’s an invitation to come. Breathe Eden.


What Women Need to Know

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Loop is just beautiful–a rich, inviting collection of love letters from our Father in heaven to his daughters on earth.”

—Shauna Niequist, author of Bread and Wine

We women are busy. Busy trying hard. Busy working to do things right. What would it be like if we heard words, just for us, reminding us what is most true about our identities, about our life, about God? Would life be different then? Would we be different? Can you imagine?

Loop is a one year, twice-a-week, Christian devotional for busy women. It is a collection of whispers to women, encouraging them to lead lives that are less “filled” with things to do and check lists to complete and more “full” of love from God.

Loop is for women who are busy. Women who are weary. Women who are lost. Women who are finally ready to lay down their burdens. Women who are eager to abandon the lies they’ve been believing-about God, about themselves, about how they are made and what they are designed to do.

Loop is written for you.


A One-Year, Twice-a-Week Devotional for Busy Men

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“Read WiRE”

—Steve Foley, All Pro, Denver Broncos

Tired of feeling disconnected from God? . . . especially during your busy work week?

When we men are out in the world—during the week, in our jobs, at our workplaces, on planes, in hotels, often disconnected from God—we’re a bit like men out in the wilderness, alone. The ruler of this world is our enemy (1 John 5:19). It can often be, therefore, unfriendly and unforgiving, dangerous even, a place where we must fight to survive.

But we aren’t alone. God offers himself “more abundantly than all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20-21). He offers all of himself, all the time—as much as we want, as much as we choose. And we must choose him. You see, we face important decisions: Can we reconcile our work lives with our faith? Are we the leaders at home that our families need us to be? Are we becoming the men that God intends us to become? In order to answer these questions, and others, we need God’s truth in our lives. We need his help.

There’s tension, of course. We’re busy. We’re busy fighting for survival. Our days are filled with meetings, calls, commutes, travel, activities with kids, social activities. So while we know the power of living within God’s truth, our busyness makes it hard. Hearing a sermon on Sunday is absolutely necessary, but it’s not enough. We men need new, purpose-built ways of bringing God into Monday-thru-Saturday too.

WiRE is one of those ways.

Begin ebook


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Begin is a book of prayers, specifically for women. Raw, authentic, true . . . Begin is a book of prayers for women–eight authentic, heart-poured out prayers inviting women to not hide but reveal their true selves, their true hearts, to God, despite their weariness, their wounds, their dreams, their pain. Each prayer of Begin is framed by the colorful, strikingly beautiful image of a door to be opened, a place in her heart where God wants to be invited in. Here are prayers of surrender, trust, authenticity, confession, God’s sovereignty, weariness of the world, desire for community, pleas for mercy and hope and new life.




Pray Like A Man

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Pray Like A Man is an eBook of prayers, specifically for men. Prayer is crucial for men. But, do we even know how to pray? Of course we do . . . but, why then do we get so caught in formality, repetition, and ritual? Why is it hard to find the right words? Why can’t we just talk to God about what’s really on our hearts . . . our fears, our failures, our joys, our successes? In his book, Justin Camp delivers a visually remarkable compilation of fourteen straight-up, straight-forward, honest prayers for men, written to God the Father, Jesus the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.




Prayers for the Holy Entangled

Praying together, husband and wife, is more vulnerable than sex. The moment you said “I do” was the beginning of an entanglement that can only be described as holy, even though most days it doesn’t feel holy one bit. All the moments, the beautiful-exhausting-life-giving back and forth struggles since then, are gifts reminding us how desperate we are to depend on a God who unites two people completely different and perfectly designed to support and love each other—only if the creator who joined them in the first place is acknowledged as the One who loves them, as the One who is in complete control.

Fuse: a book of prayers for the holy entangled, is a book of eight prayers written by a husband and a wife who have fought against each other, fought for each other, and have been fought for by their King. Jennifer and Justin don’t want to settled for a marriage that is just “okay”. They want a marriage fully entangled in the love of a holy God.

These prayers are written for the married couples who, like Justin and Jennifer, call themselves the holy entangled. Use the prayers in this book as a tool to pray together in the morning, or in the evening or in the squeezed-in-between moments before work, or when the kids have gone to bed. There is no certain time to do it. Nor is there a certain way to do it. Just do it. Let’s pray to the God who wants a life for married couples that is fully surrendered, fully entangled in the love of God that promises to never let them go.

Fuse is free when you subscribe to Justin and Jennifer’s podcast on marriage: Holy Entanglement.



Soul Bare

Stories of Redemption

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Description from Amazon: “Honesty, authenticity and vulnerability. You want to be a person who reflects these qualities. But sometimes it’s just hard to reveal your deepest hardships and struggles. How are Christians supposed to have hope and experience wholeness amidst personal challenges and failures? The women and men of Soul Bare not only intimately understand the risks of exposure, but they are also willing to share their most poignant and painful moments with you. Soul Bare features contributions from the best of today’s influential young writers.” You will find Jennifer’s essay, “Cold Hard Ground” in part 1.

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