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In the midst of our busy lives, it's hard to connect with God on days that aren't Sunday.

With WiRE, though, now you can.

WiRE is concise and accessible. It meets you where you are and won't add to the noise of your world. WiRE goes deep without sacrificing efficiency or practicality. You can read it on the move—making it ideal for the modern man.

Delivered twice a week by e-mail, WiRE is sincere, humble, and honest. Most importantly, it will equip you to pursue God more earnestly, and to enjoy more of His goodness and love.

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The Guy Behind WiRE >> Hey, I'm Justin Camp. I'm married to Jenn. Together, we run Gather, a Christian nonprofit. We live on the San Francisco Peninsula with our three children.

My passion is writing to men about God. Most recently, I wrote Invention, an Amazon #1 best seller. Prior to Gather, I spent 17 years investing in Silicon Valley high-tech startups. Before that, I was a lawyer in New York City.

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WiRE devotional for men - Benefits: Succinct and Practical
you can fit WiRE in . . . even on the busiest days
WiRE devotional for men - Benefits Title Rooted in Scripture
WiRE devotional for men - Benefits text Rooted in Scripture
WiRE devotional for men - Benefits Title Written Just for Men
WiRE devotional for men - Benefits Text Written Just for Men
WiRE devotional for men - Benefits Title Twice a Week Free
WiRE devotional for men - Benefits Text Twice a Week Free
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